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Moving home with no hidden costs - a service which you can rely on...


We're here to help you, whatever you’re doing with your property. This could include

Killingworth & Parrott tries to take the stress out of buying and selling by giving you practical help and advice to guide you through the transaction. Our property team consists of qualified practitioners, experienced practitioners and support staff.

You can get an instant quote from us by clicking on the link below and adding the information we ask for. This will give you a full breakdown of the legal costs you will pay us for carrying out the work on your behalf, the amount of VAT you will have to pay on our legal costs, and also the disbursements (out of pocket expenses) you will have to pay for. 

Please ensure you check your email address when submitting the form as a copy of the quote will also be emailed to the email address you provide. Some email providers treat this as spam so please be sure to check your Junk folder to prevent any delay in getting started! 

In terms of timescales, it typically takes about 8-12 weeks to be in a position to exchange contracts in a conveyancing transaction (pre Covid19), but this process can vary quite substantially between files. We, as solicitors, are often the last link in a transaction and it is only when the solicitors have all the information (which they are dependent on obtaining from others) that the parties in the transaction can move. In addition to this, some legal titles are more complex than others, and factors may come to light during the course of a transaction which require further investigation. We would stress that the timing is frequently dictated by the speed of how quickly and appropriately organisations can respond to us, which we have little control over.

Once contracts have been exchanged, the completion date will be set so all parties know when the move will happen. Sometimes that happens on the same day as the contracts are exchanged, but many people prefer to have a gap of a week or two so that they can finalise the practicalities of a move. 

On the completion date, monies are officially transferred between the parties legal representatives and once that has happened the keys can be handed over.

Where we act for the Seller, we will redeem any mortgage, make arrangements to pay any estate agents fees and collect our legal fee (including the VAT), forwarding on the net proceeds of sale to you and or any related purchase you might have.

Where we act for the purchaser, we will finalise any mortgage, submit and pay any stamp duty and collect our legal fee (including the VAT). Once we receive the paperwork from the sellers solicitors, will apply to register the property in your name at HM land registry. We have little control over how long HM land registry will take to deal with this application. It can take as little as two weeks but we have also seen waiting times in excess of 18 months! However long it takes, we will update you once HM land registry have registered the property in your name.



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